sexta-feira, 4 de maio de 2012

Marni Chairs

" Marni recently debuted a collection of 100 chairs and tables at one of Milan’s largest furniture fairs, Salone del Mobile. Handmade in San Gil, Colombia by former prison inmates, the chairs are constructed from salvaged metal frames with multi-colored PVC threads woven around the seatbacks and armrests. Not only is Marni commited to charitable initiatives while providing jobs for former inmates, all proceeds will be donated to the ICAM institute which enables children of imprisoned mothers to spend their first years of life in a safe family environment."

Lindas cadeiras e banquetas na Marni....
Lembra mto as cadeiras que tinha na varanda da casa da minha Vó... q por sinal, me trazem ótimas recordações,
só que com aquele toque vintage repaginado.... que está zuuuper na moda.
Lindas... todas...
Para trazer alegria e descontração a qualquer ambiente. ;)

xoxo, Bruna.

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